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Smelly Washing Machine

Smelly Washing Machine Usually, when we think of a washing machine, our association is with clothes that smell fresh and nice. But there are cases when just by opening this appliance, the room is filled with unpleasant smells, and in some cases they are absorbed in the laundry itself. Simple fact, there’s no component that can fail to cause a bad odour from inside a washer. It is not a fault with the machine and it will undoubtedly be from some form of external source and in this article we will explain what causes the problem, how to solve it and how to avoid bad smells from your washing machine.

• Detergent drawer

It is one of the parts of the washing machine that you have direct access to and can be a source of unpleasant odors. The main reason is that it is a plastic part of a more complex shape that accumulates residue, which is a good breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If the washing machine model allows, regularly remove the detergent drawer and clean it with lukewarm water with a household sponge or a toothbrush. Also clean the empty space that the drawer fits into. Wipe with a dry cloth or household paper towel to avoid moisture, which is a favorable environment for mold growth.

• The temperature of the water you wash with can also be a problem.

Consistant low temperature washes without a maintenance wash will very often result in a build up of bacteria inside the drum if you combine this with liquid detergent, then it is an almost perfect recipe for bacteria growth inside the drum of your washing machine which leads to a bad smell. The cure is to use powder (real stuff from a big box) or a washing machine cleaner and wash through a boil or hot wash with the machine empty, this is known as a washing machine maintenance wash.

• Do not put heavily soiled clothes in the washing machine.

Try as much as possible to clean up large amounts of mud, hair, fur, blood, food and drink residues beforehand. Check all clothing pockets for money and napkins, sanitary pads and tampons. One of the most unpleasant things is getting a nappy in the washing machine.

• First, don’t use the washing machine as a place to store dirty clothes.

Sweaty socks that you’ve worn all day with sneakers can “perfume” not only the rest of your clothes. But also layer as a persistent odor on the rubber seal next to the door. The fragrances of women’s and men’s deodorants and perfumes, which also have an organic part that favors the growth of bacteria, can also be mixed in the washing machine.
• The rubber seal, which is located directly between the drum and the door. It is also often a source of unpleasant odors.
The main reason is that it is there that large amounts of mold are collected. Which are noticeable even with the naked eye. You can also find buttons, pennies, and even a rolled up sock there. Cleaning can again be mechanical, because the place is easily accessible, and with the help of various bioactive substances.

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