Washing Machine repairs

Highly skilled appliance engineers offering professional fixed price repairs for  all makes  and  models of washing machines in London and the surrounding areas. We evaluate all costumer feedback, which helps us to ensure we remain focused on the delivery of first class service.

We charge  £50  (£29  diagnostic charge  and  £21  repair charge) and  this price is irrespective of the time spent or the number of visits needed to complete the repair. So if  two  or more visits are needed, you don’t  pay  any extra.

Our engineers carry a wide range of spares but please note that some parts are specific  to the  make and  the model of  the  appliance and  need to be specially ordered.  The  cost of  spare  parts  if they are  required  is not  included  in our price. Some problems are solved by a service only.

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Dead machine
Incomplete cycle
The drum does not spin
Not draining the water out
Not filling up with water
Door seal replacements
Broken door handle and door locks
Trips the electrics when turned on